Real Estate

Hudson Advisors offers a wide range of real estate underwriting and asset management services to sophisticated investors, including private equity funds and financial sponsors.

Since 1995, Hudson has managed more than $101 billion in cumulative commercial real estate assets; since 1995, the firm has underwritten more than $477 billion in cumulative global commercial real estate assets.

Our experience spans the globe – having managed more than 114,000 cumulative CRE assets across the United States, Europe, and Japan.

We approach every client asset with a singular focus: to extract maximum value. Beyond running the numbers, we ask the tough questions, consider all angles, and challenge ourselves to evaluate every possible scenario. We practice a bottom-up, feet-on-the-ground approach that enables us to understand fully the potential – and possible pitfalls – of every asset we manage.

Hudson’s real estate team has extensive expertise in underwriting, managing, financing, developing, leasing, and selling real estate assets and portfolios around the globe.

Across asset classes that include residential and commercial real estate-secured loans, CMBS, RMBS, performing loans and direct real estate in both the primary and secondary markets, we are thorough, experienced, bottom-up underwriters with unparalleled strategic asset management capabilities.


We are thorough, bottom-up CRE underwriters – and our global experience and platform offer true competitive advantages. Over the last 25 years, we have evaluated asset volumes totaling more than $477 billion around the world, including in:


More than $167 billion of CRE underwriting volume; broad experience in both tertiary and major markets and across all major asset classes


More than $225 billion of CRE underwriting volume; deep knowledge of a diverse region


More than $84 billion of CRE underwriting volume; more than 20 years of investment experience in Japan

Our extensive underwriting capabilities involve a comprehensive approach to due diligence, valuation, and all the steps necessary to confidently assess the potential risks and rewards of acquiring a particular asset or portfolio of assets. We are comfortable with complexity – and experienced in recommending realistic capital investments based on the market, on feasibility, and on cost. We are an advocate for our clients’ interests, and ensure we provide thorough analysis on every potential transaction.

Asset Management

We are a deeply experienced manager of CRE assets – having managed more than 114,000 cumulative assets totaling more than $101 billion across the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

These assets span hotels, REITs, office buildings and complexes, multifamily housing, industrial plants, golf courses, mixed-use, and retail properties across the capital stack.

Our asset management services and capabilities cover the life cycle of acquisition, management, portfolio management, and disposition, with a strategic emphasis on business plan execution, oversight, portfolio management, financing, and, if applicable, sale or disposition. We also provide real estate tax assessment advisory services.

We are deeply experienced in providing financing solutions on commercial real estate transactions.  The team has closed more than $17 billion in financings for the purchase of both real estate debt and equity collateral, in all major property types. Along with mortgage and mezzanine loans, financings have also been structured as warehouse lines and repurchase obligations, each tailored to specific investment objectives.

Single-Family U. S. Residential Real Estate Asset Management

Hudson Advisors and its subsidiaries include Hudson Homes Management, a vertically integrated service provider and manager of single-family homes and other types of residences within the U.S.  Hudson Homes seeks to provide institutional-quality services across a spectrum of clients and stakeholders, including owners, (including major government-sponsored entities), vendors, tenants, and brokers.

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Our Services


Hudson Advisors offers a wide range of risk management, capital markets advisory, and credit/asset finance solutions to financial sponsors, companies, and sophisticated investors.

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Since 1995, Hudson has acted as a special servicer of commercial real estate.

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Real Estate

Hudson Advisors offers a wide range of real estate underwriting and asset management services to sophisticated investors.

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