Hudson provides Lone Star, one of the world’s leading global private equity firms, with a wide range of residential credit advisory services throughout the investment life cycle.


Since 2014, Hudson has underwritten $151.3 billion in asset-backed and structured credit opportunities.

Hudson has substantial experience underwriting residential credit assets and transaction management, maintaining close relationships with all major sellers. Our services include assisting with loan tape stratification, credit analysis, and building cash flow projections based on fundamental assumptions regarding asset performance.

Asset Management

Since 1995, Hudson has managed $90.5 billion in asset-backed and structured credit investments acquired by volume.

In connection with these assets, Hudson provides an ongoing evaluation of asset management strategies to maximize value, including intensive servicing on non-performing residential loans and collapsing CDO structures. We draw from our experience in real estate to execute value-accretive strategies for owned residential real estate assets, including through our servicing capability at our wholly-owned subsidiary Hudson Homes Management.

Capital Markets

Hudson is experienced in providing financing solutions for asset-backed and structured credit transactions, facilitating the closing of $71.0 billion in financing for the purchase or recapitalization of asset-backed and structured credit investments.

Hudson, together with Lone Star, developed leading securitization “brands” through extensive capital markets experience. (e.g., VOLT, COLT, LSTAR, ERLS). Hudson assists with negotiating tailored, bespoke financing solutions, drawing on significant in-house expertise in structuring, negotiation, and documentation.

Portfolio Management

We continuously conduct collateral surveillance and credit analysis, leveraging internally developed technology tools to assess portfolios based on asset-level performance and macro-market observations. These inputs drive our cash-flow modeling, enabling us to inform ongoing asset management initiatives and exit planning discussions.

Exit Planning & Execution

Since 1995, Hudson has assisted Lone Star in the disposal or partial disposal of 168 asset-backed and structured credit investments acquired.

Hudson’s extensive network includes strong relationships with trading desks and institutional buyers. We optimize execution and efficiently target specific buyers by skillfully segmenting portfolios into multiple pools. Our sales strategies cover various formats, from targeted versus broad sales to single-bid versus auction-style processes.

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