Mission and Values

Hudson’s Mission

We embrace our many responsibilities, including supporting our employees, strengthening our communities, serving our clients, their investments and investors, and thoughtfully considering our impact on the environment.

Our core mission is to serve the interests of our valued clients, primarily the Lone Star Funds and their investors. Operating with tenacity, we respond to and anticipate the evolving needs of Lone Star and the Lone Star Funds, utilizing detailed analysis and proactive management to maximize value and manage risk.

We recognize the significance of our efforts in assisting the investors of the Lone Star Funds in pursuing their objectives, particularly for the betterment of essential public servants, such as teachers, firefighters, and other critical professionals contributing to our communities.

Hudson’s Values

We prioritize our people, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment to deliver maximum value through the investments we manage. Built on a foundation of honesty and integrity, we celebrate successes, take accountability for setbacks, and embrace continuous learning for growth and success. We strive to be outstanding corporate citizens by demonstrating respect and fairness, establishing long-lasting relationships, and promoting trust. Transparency, reliability, and adherence to the highest ethical standards form the core of our operations, enabling us to cultivate strong partnerships and drive meaningful impact through our actions and values.

Leadership by Platform