Since 2008, Hudson has acted as a special servicer on a cumulative total of $9 billion of commercial real estate debt assets, including non-performing, sub-performing, and credit-challenged loans, and has provided oversight of master servicers in commercial real estate as well.

Hudson also has significant experience in providing oversight of other servicing companies, including firms focused on residential mortgage servicing and workouts, whether driven by the operational or regulatory needs of its clients.

In the U.S., Hudson is the named special servicer for three CMBS transactions containing 61 loans totaling $1.3 billion.

In Europe, since 2000, Hudson successfully has managed €47 billion in commercial real estate assets, including €34 billion of assets in the last eight years. Transactions have spanned granular properties to the largest office building (€1.8 billion) in Europe. As of December 2019, Hudson managed directly or through management oversight a portfolio of assets totaling more than €19 billion, including commercial and residential mortgages, direct real estate, and investments in operating companies and banks.


Hudson is able to provide servicing solutions for clients that own loan portfolios collateralized by commercial or residential real estate, corporate exposures, and other asset classes, and can service many different types of securitization structures.

Hudson prides itself on efficiency, professionalism, and seeking optimal outcomes to all stakeholders. We engage with borrowers professionally and with a commitment to resolve challenges sensibly based on sound underwriting, market data, and clear communication.

Special servicing operations consist of loan asset management, REO asset management, and servicing and surveillance. Hudson has approximately 90 asset managers with an average of more than 16 years of industry experience. As of the end of the first quarter of 2020, the non-CMBS portfolio managed by Hudson totaled 73 assets with unpaid principal balance of more than $1 billion.

Loan Asset Management:

Hudson can manage all SPL / NPL assets in a portfolio. We are experienced in managing both securitized (CMBS) and balance sheet assets. Our operation includes dedicated recourse pursuit personnel to collect on deficiencies and unsecured loans.

REO Asset Management:

Hudson can manage all REO assets in a commercial real estate portfolio. Our product specialists provide expertise on specific asset types, including hotels and multi-family housing. Our dedicated capital projects team oversees all construction projects.  (For residential servicing, click here)



Hudson oversees outside servicers’ activities and provides surveillance of performing loans to identify potential risks and opportunities across the portfolio. Hudson’s operations in both the Americas and Europe are rated as a CMBS Special Servicer by two global ratings agencies.

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Since 1995, Hudson has acted as a special servicer of commercial real estate.

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