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At Hudson Advisors, we work tirelessly to maximize the value of our clients’ assets. Tenacious, diligent, and exacting, we seek value even in the toughest, most complex situations, and provide deep analysis and hands-on, nimble asset management.

The Hudson Platform

A Relentless Focus on Execution

We are a globally integrated alternative investment manager, asset manager, and service provider focused on commercial real estate, residential real estate, credit, equity, and other financial assets.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, Hudson Advisors and its subsidiaries employ more than 900 people who are passionate about advancing our clients’ success. Hudson and its affiliates can count among their nearly 50 clients some of the world’s largest private equity funds, financial sponsors, pension funds, and a U.S. government-sponsored entity.

Hudson Advisors’ tenacity in serving our clients took root more than 20 years ago. Hudson Advisors has provided underwriting, asset management, and other support services to more than 1.2 million assets with an aggregate purchase price of more than $224 billion (including acquisition financing and co-investors).

We approach every client asset with a singular focus: to extract the greatest value. Beyond running the numbers, we ask the tough questions, consider all angles, and challenge ourselves to evaluate every possible scenario. We practice a bottom-up, feet-on-the-ground approach that enables us to understand the full potential – and possible pitfalls – of every asset we manage.

Through deep analysis and hands-on scrutiny and management, we seek to uncover all opportunities for maximizing value. Anything but passive, we strive to identify and explore every angle for increasing return.

Finally, we combine this relentless commitment to value creation with an equally strong commitment to transparency and integrity. We want our clients to know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and most importantly, that they have a true partner on their side who will pursue every appropriate option.

Corporate Services

Hudson includes an operations platform that provides world-class legal, accounting, tax, portfolio management, and client reporting support to its client-facing Real Estate, Financial Markets, and Private Equity teams.

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The services that Hudson provides fully complement the underwriting and asset management activities that make Hudson such a formidable platform in Real Estate, Financial Markets, and Private Equity.

For more than 20 years, this globally comprehensive operational platform has supported Lone Star, the Lone Star Funds, and the assets held by the Lone Star Funds. We are proud of the expertise, commitment, and hard work extended by the more than 400 Hudson professionals who support underwriting, valuation, transaction execution, compliance, risk management, accounting requirements, and asset management objectives around the world.

Core services that Hudson provides in support of underwriting, asset management, and servicing include:

Investment accounting

Hudson provides detailed financial reporting on the investments and related entities of the Lone Star Funds. The team has expertise in local GAAP requirements in core jurisdictions and focuses on maintaining and delivering accurate and reliable financial reporting with respect to the Lone Star Funds’ investments.

Financial reporting

Our corporate finance team performs global corporate accounting, financial planning and analysis, travel expense administration, and monthly fee billing operations. In addition, the team is responsible for delivering key operational reporting to Hudson and its clients.

Investor and client relations

Our investor relations and client relations teams include fund and partner accounting, reporting and valuation functions, as well as a wide range of support activities in an effort to ensure that fund investors and clients have access to the information they require.

Property tax due-diligence and analysis

Our property tax team pursues property tax savings on a global basis.

Capital strategy and treasury

Hudson’s capital strategy and treasury activities include liquidity management and fund-level financing for client funds, as well as maintaining banking relationships and cash management.

Hudson Advisors L.P. is a registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in reliance on the registration of its wholly-owned subsidiary Hudson Americas L.P. Hudson Advisors L.P. is also registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a commodity trading advisor and is a member of the National Futures Association. As such, Hudson maintains a global compliance program to ensure compliance with applicable financial industry laws and regulations, fiduciary duties owed by applicable advisory entities to the investment vehicles under management, and contractual commitments to clients and counterparties.

Hudson is committed to strong governance, and monitors risks through line management as well as oversight committees. Our Risk Assurance program includes an independent audit function to assess functional risk and recommend improvements to operations.

Specialty Management Firms

Hudson has relationships with various specialty management firms owned by certain of the Lone Star Funds and that service assets requiring specific management expertise, a selection of which is detailed below. Hudson is deeply familiar with the specialized capabilities these companies offer and has worked closely with these companies in servicing assets.

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Start Mortgages Designated Activity Company

  • Special servicing platform that provides expertise in servicing, resolving, and restructuring residential mortgage loans in the Irish market
  • Owned by Lone Star Fund IX

Propertize B.V.

  • Netherlands-based underwriting and asset management platform that provides expertise on a broad range of Dutch commercial real estate assets
  • Owned by Lone Star Real Estate Fund V

Servihabitat Servicios Immobiliarios, S.L.

  • Spanish non-performing loan and real estate owned servicer
  • 80% owned by a joint venture of Lone Star Fund X and Lone Star Real Estate Fund V

More Than 20 Years of Optimizing Execution

Hudson Advisors’ tenacity in serving our clients took root more than 20 years ago. The firm traces its roots back to a 1993 joint venture between a third-party investment group and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, called Brazos Partners, L.P.  Through this joint venture, nearly 1,300 “bad bank” assets, which were impaired as a result of the U.S. savings and loan crisis of the early 1990s, were acquired and resolved.

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As Chairman and CEO of the general partner of Brazos Partners, John Grayken led the operation. After the majority of the assets held by Brazos Partners had been liquidated, Mr. Grayken began organizing institutional capital to continue pursuing investment opportunities on a larger scale.  Brazos Fund, L.P. held its initial closing in 1995 with approximately $250 million of capital commitments and subsequently targeted investments primarily in debt and real estate in North America.

Brazos Advisors, LLC was established in 1995 to carry out the day-to-day management and servicing of the assets acquired by Brazos Fund.  Brazos Advisors, LLC was subsequently renamed Hudson Advisors L.P.  Since 1995, Hudson Advisors has continued to provide asset management and day-to-day support services to the Lone Star Funds and to the assets they have acquired.

Our People

Our People

Hudson Advisors has significant expertise in underwriting, asset management, capital markets advisory, and loan servicing.

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